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Vision: The Cornerstone of Abundant Health

Updated: Feb 18

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Vision: the key foundational component for living with ever abundant health and resiliency! Clear vision for what you want your health to look like now and in the future is crucial. With clear certainty that it is possible. Otherwise, we end up doing a whole lot of trying, searching, and hoping (with ultimately less hope with each attempt). And with that, most people eventually settle for suboptimal health that, in many cases, results in disease manifestation.

“But how can you be sure that I can get healthy and live healthy?"

The short answer is that if you are reading this, then the possibility exists that you are open to new way of viewing health and healing. As you are reading through this document be prepared to agree with some components and be challenged by others. I've been in practice now for 23 years with a single mission which has been to: HELP AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE FUNCTION AT THEIR HIGHEST LEVEL OF HEALTH – ESPECIALLY CHILDREN! I've been so blessed to learn from some of the greatest minds of our time. The Lord has been gracious in the people that he has allowed me to learn from in close relationships. Additionally, I/we have learned so many things from our amazing patients, from thousands of lab tests (and follow up lab tests) as well as x-ray and HRV (heart rate variability) data and the ultimately the outcomes with our patients. ChiRho has had 9 associate doctors that have all left incredible deposits on what we currently know and do. And then lastly a huge component of what we do is and has been founded on the written word of God and the teaching of the Holy Spirit. What you are about to read is the first time we've ever released this in print form. After all of this time of helping patients, what I know now is that without a clear understanding of your DESIGN and a clear system of supporting DESIGN, then your health will be tossed back and forth from one philosophy/theory to another - ultimately leading to less than your potential.

So, put on your proverbial seatbelts and let's go on a journey!

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