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Vision: The Cornerstone of Abundant Health


Vision: a foundational component for living with abundant health. Having a clear vision for your health both now and in the future is crucial! We also have to believe that it is possible. Without clear vision, the results we see with patients often end up being frustration, inefficient and compromised. We end up doing a lot of trying, searching and hoping that often ends with a loss of hope and settling for suboptimal health.

But how can you be sure that I can get healthy and live healthy?

The short answer is that if you are reading this, the possibility exists that you are open to new ways of viewing health and healing. As you read through this document, be prepared for both agreement and challenge to your current belief systems and corresponding ways of living. I've been in practice for 23 years with a single mission to help as many people as possible function at their highest level of health – especially children! I've been blessed to learn from some of the greatest minds of our time. The Lord has been gracious in the people that he has allowed me to learn from. Additionally, we have learned so much from our amazing patients, thousands of lab tests and follow up lab tests, x-ray and HRV (heart rate variability) data and ultimately the outcomes (or lack thereof) of our patients. ChiRho has also had 9 associate doctors that have all left incredible deposits on what we currently know and do. Lastly, a huge component of what we do is and has been founded on the written word of God and the teaching of the Holy Spirit. What I know now is that without a clear understanding of your DESIGN and a clear system of supporting DESIGN, then your health (and health endeavors) will be tossed back and forth from one philosophy/theory to another - ultimately leading to less than your potential.

So, put on your proverbial seatbelts and let's go on a journey!

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Oct 12, 2021

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