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  • Emma Sprague

Fasting Guide

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ChiRho Health and Wellness Center's approach to healing is based upon the innate ability to heal itself. Over the years we've found that the most powerful “medicines” don't come in the form of a pill or even a “treatment” but via design and ultimately long-standing practices that have been around for centuries. Our unique system of teaching and care is called CAMP which stands for COURAGE – AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM – MITOCHONDRIA – PURPOSE. It Is an amazing system that is truly life and health changing as it's is learned and implemented. This document's focus is on fasting and fasting when understood and implemented properly over time is incredibly powerful for the prevention of dis-ease and disease as well as the reversing of disease and body breakdown.

It has been said by many doctors and healers that “fasting is the most forgotten cure”. As we work with patients from around the world, many of which have been to dozens of doctors and have “incurable” diseases, we have found that fasting can be a powerful and life changing modality. This document will give you loads of tools, clarity, and even a calendar to help you begin upgrading your health right away!

Check out our helpful guide: Here

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