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US Wellness Meats

Setting the standard for grass-fed meats since 2000. Buy grass-fed beef, steaks, gourmet food gifts, seafood, bone broth, and other healthy foods online.

echo h2

The Echo® H2 Water Machine is the newest and most advanced counter top machine on the market.

water tests

National Testing Laboratories (NTL) specializes in the analysis of drinking water for chemical and microbiological contamination.

Purity Coffee

Purity Organic Coffee is The Coffee Nature Intended and it’s guaranteed to taste as good as it makes you feel. Enter "chirho" at checkout for 20% discount.

air doctor

The first affordable air purifier that removes almost 100% of particles and the vast majority of toxic chemicals and gases


Continous glucose monitoring. Use code CHIRHO20 for $20 off of your first month.


pure haven

Pure Haven has ZERO Toxins in all of their products. Wouldn’t you like to make that change?


Quicksilver Scientific provides top quality supplment formualations for multiple uses. 


Pure, therapeutic ketones.

HUSO was created to recalibrate the body, relax the mind and rejuvenate the soul... from the comfort of home using sound.

Enter "ChiRho25" for $25 off purchase.

JNH Lifestyles Saunas lead the industry in quality at an affordable price. 

Be safe & healthy on a luxury organic mattress handmade in USA with natural & organic materials. Non-toxic, eco-friendly, 100 night trial, 25 year warranty.

Microbalance Health Products

Safe products to help create a mold free living environment.

Pure Ceramic Cookware

High quality and SAFE cookware for your household.

Mito Red Light

Mito red light is committed to bringing the best quality red light therapy products. Enter "ChiRho" at checkout for 5% off.

Four Sigmatic

Enter "CHIRHO" to save 10% automatically.


Connecting you  with nature.

RA Optics

The best in blue light blocking glasses. Enter "chirho10" at checkout for 10% off.

Chili  Technology

Effective cooling technology to benefit your sleep.

Desert Farms Camel Milk

Grass fed, 100% raw natural camel's milk.

Beauty Counter

All natural, clean and high performing beauty products for men and women.


Experience specific sound frequencies for healing, sleep and focus.

Berkey Water Systems

Countertop water filtration systems.

Vibration Plates

Purchase a Live Vibe by following the link.

Rosita USA

Fresh, Wild and Raw cod liver oil, capsules and ratfish oil.

Whole House Water Filter

Complete system for whole house water filtration with or without installation.


Deuterium Depleted Water

Norwalk Juicer

The ultimate in nutrient extraction juice technology.

QI EMF Shield

The most comprehensive EMF filters and shields.


Restores the brains natural balance so you can feel relaxed, balanced and revitalized. 

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