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Why Cancer Is On The Rise Across The Board (ft. Dr. Terry Harmon)

​Another huge force behind Dr. Harmon’s desire to help people truly experience health and healing has been the sicknesses that he has seen so many of his loved ones suffer with. 

How to Measure & Improve the NeuroImmune System, Mitochondria and Microbiome with Dr. Terry Harmon

Did you know that poor digestion can lead to nutrient deficiencies which can cause bloating, gas, weight gain, poor skin and nail health, and more! 

So You Want To Detox Part 4: How To Begin Reducing Toxins (ft. Dr. Terry Harmon)

Dr. Terry shares some practical tips for beginning to detox and alerts listeners to some of the many forms of toxins in the environment that they might never have considered.


Autonomic Nervous System, Chiropractic Care, Body Work, Heart Rate Variability, Mitochondria, and more with Dr. Terry Harmon

The autonomic nervous system is proof that we are magnificently designed to heal and be well. Dr. Terry Harmon was always drawn to natural health and medicine and then the Lord infused His spirit into his work. 

Bringing God Into a Healthcare Practice

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Terry Harmon about how he brings God into his healthcare practice. He explains his CAMP acronym which stands for Courage, Autonomic Nervous System, Mitochondria, and Purpose.

The Cancer Episode: When The Systems Of The Body Get And Stay Out Of Balance (ft. Dr. Terry Harmon)

In this episode Dr. Ben welcomes Dr. Terry Harmon on to the show to have a conversation about Crohn's disease prevention, specifically cancer. 

Special Guest – Dr. Terry Harmon – Become Part of the Healing Journey

Hey there, we're Gordon and Cherise! Over the course of 57 collective years, we’ve journeyed through some of life’s most challenging terrains, gathering lessons, wisdom, and yes, a few scars along the way.

Embracing Stillness: The Path to Clarity and Calling w/ Dr. Justin Moseley + Dr. Terry Harmon

On this episode of The Mindset Doctor Podcast with Dr. Justin Moseley, we have a truly inspiring guest, Dr. Terry Harmon, who will take us on a journey from the search for clarity, to finding one's calling. Dr. Harmon shares his deep belief that the Lord will provide guidance, and how combining prayer with reading the Bible can lead to profound insights. Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 58:12, Dr. Harmon reveals his lifelong mission to be a repairer of the breach and a restorer of streets.

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