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  • Emma Sprague

Detox in a Toxic World: Body, Home + Life

Detoxification is simply the process of removing toxins from our bodies and, despite it being trendy today, detoxing is actually an ancient method of healing.

Most of us realize that we live in a very toxic world, with everything from glyphosate in our food to heavy metals in our water. Although we can’t always choose our exposures, it is important to be aware of where toxins might be found in our bodies and then, how to detoxify, or cleanse, ourselves from them. There are many different ways to detox and many of them have merit. The liver is the primary organ for processing toxins but sometimes the liver becomes overwhelmed because of the sheer amount of toxins we give it to process. In this case, the body is smart and will try to hide toxins in places where they have less adverse effects—for example, in body fat. This is why sometimes when people lose weight, they begin to experience symptoms of a detox because toxins have lost their home in body fat and are now recirculating in the body. A lot of people associate detoxing, or cleansing, with something you do once a year and which possibly includes drinking something gross. However, our philosophy on detoxification is that it is something to incorporate daily and make a part of one’s lifestyle while also being conscious of where toxins may be lurking.

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