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Empowering patients to achieve optimal well-being


CHI RHO Chiropractic | Morganfield, KY



By shifting the traditional disease centered focus of medical practice to an individualized, patient centered approach, the Chi Rho system is able to address the whole person, rather than a set of symptoms. The success of this approach is rooted in our practitioners truly getting to know their patients. By spending time to review the comprehensive health interview, one on one time with the doctors and cutting edge laboratory analysis, a truly unique plan can be created.  In this way we are supporting the unique expression of health vitality for each individual.

Dr. Terry Harmon

Dr. Terry Harmon’s life was first impacted by chiropractic as an infant. After several trips to multiple doctors for colic and severe illness, his parents sought out Dr. Ross as a last resort. After his first adjustment Dr. Harmon was able to eat, sleep, and have bowel movements! From this passion Dr. Terry received his doctorate from Palmer college and has gone on to serve as a member of the United States Wellness Advisory Council and Peak Performance team for USA as well as an internationally viewed speaker at The Truth About Cancer symposium.

Dr. Matt Hemmerle

Dr. Hemmerle is from a small town in Northern Illinois where he grew up playing soccer. It was through his athletics that he first became acquainted with chiropractic as a means to treat and prevent sports injuries after other approaches fell short. Dr. Hemmerle was intrigued by the way chiropractic worked and fast forward a few years, made the commitment to help others the way his chiropractor helped him as a kid.

"Our whole family is treated here and we love it! The staff is professional, friendly, and helpful... Dr. Harmon and Dr. Hemmerle are beyond amazing at what they do! Chi Rho is definitely MUCH more than the average chiropractic office. We also utilize the functional medicine services, therapy room, and the informational seminars they provide. Everything is top notch."



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