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Heart Rate Variability: Nervous System Optimization Guide

Heart Rate Variability or HRV for short has quickly moved from the research labs to everyday life thanks in part to convenient monitors such as the Oura Ring. A sleek and stylish ring that slips on any finger produces one of the most important measurements for tracking your health; heart rate variability.

In short, HRV assesses the health of your nervous system by examining the variation between heart beat intervals. This is determined by the autonomic nervous system or more specifically the two main branches: sympathetic and parasympathetic.

Knowing your HRV number has significant implications for everyone of any health status and age. It can help guide the decisions we make on a day to day basis and ultimately allow us to make disease a choice. For a deeper understanding of heart rate variability and using the Oura Ring please check out document below.

Read the full document here: Heart Rate Variability Explained

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