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  • Matthew Hemmerle DC

C.A.M.P. Nutrition Guide

Applying this lesson to the many books, articles, podcasts and speakers we have learned from regarding diets has led to the principles presented in the next pages. Every diet from vegetarian and vegan to paleo and ketogenic has brilliant research and even patient results demonstrating positive changes but every single one can also be done in a way that shaves countless years off of your life. This is why writing another article about the “Perfect Diet” is not only a waste of your time to read but a misleading lie. We do not need to change our diet to be healthy, we need to change our thinking.

As we have consumed more and more books about health and nutrition, we have realized that there is no perfect food, drink or supplement. The vegans are under attack from lectins, phytates and nightshades; ketogenic dieters are battling processed dairy and rancid fats. Not only is every diet flawed in one way or another, my experience helping patients navigate their goals of healthy aging, weight loss, autoimmunity, hormones and more has taught me the often- frustrating lesson that the simple prescription of one single diet plan often backfires. The overwhelming need to count macronutrients, micronutrients, calories, ounces per serving, etc. spirals into a stressful plunge into a pint of ice cream or bowl of pasta.

That is why the “CAMP Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide” has come to fruition. To remove the gimmicks, confusion, the personal interests and ultimately the roadblocks keeping you from eating your way well past your dieting counterparts. With strong influences from numerous diets you will find yourself enjoying vegetables like a vegan/vegetarian, craving HEALTHY fats like a Ketogenic Dieter, dreaming about grass fed meats, exploring quality organ meats like our ancestors and even powering through periods of not eating anything at all by fasting.

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