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Viral Immune Support

Updated: Feb 15

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The bottom line is that many people have viewed the issue of disease, viral infection and most recently Covid-19, incorrectly. The focus should not be on any one virus, but rather the defense systems (immune system) or our bodies. Simply put, the theory of living in quarantine until a toxic vaccine is invented or it fizzles out just is not practical considering viruses are in our daily lives EVERY SINGLE DAY and have been for thousands of years. Regardless of some “leaders” beliefs, agendas or financial gain, Chi Rho Chiropractic and the CAMP approach to health simply belives differently.

By allowing a natural immune response in a healthy person, your DNA can physically be altered to provide potential protection from future ailments. The virus acts similar to “software” in the computer that teaches the body similar infections and can respond in a more swift and accurate fashion to future invaders. This is all based on a balance of Innate (first line) and humoral (antibody mediated) immune responses.

To help strengthen your immune system to protect, prevent or accelerate healing from different viral invaders there are several natural supplements that have shown tremendous efficacy in recent literature.

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