• Matthew Hemmerle DC

CBD: Beyond Pain and Anxiety

Cannabidiol (CBD) has stormed the scenes, quickly gaining a following for those seeking a natural means of reducing pain, inflammation and anxiety. The meteoric rise to popularity has unfortunately led to an unregulated boom of knock-off "CBD" or "Hemp extract" products being distributed everywhere you go from gas stations to movie stores. Despite these non-effective or even possibly harmful imitators, the research is growing surrounding the therapeutic role of full spectrum cannabidiol oil.

One tremendously exciting discovery came just days ago (Oct 10, 2019) and was published in the Journal of Dermatology. While we knew the brain and nervous system had an extensive CB receptor system, we now know that your SKIN has receptors for cannabidiol known as CB1 and CB2. Sheriff and his colleagues have began to explore the extensive benefits that CBD oil can have on conditions such as:


-Skin Cancer (Melanoma and non-melanoma)

-Atopic Dermatitis




CBD acts on the receptors that can decrease the cellular messengers responsible for inflammatory messengers such as IL-17A and interferon gamma. Additionally, by acting on the DNA expression of skin cells and keritinocytes, CBD is able to impact the mechanisms largely responsible for aging or cancer.

With this new information coming to light it helps provide solutions for those struggling not only with pain or inflammation but with skin conditions that had previously only been managed with traditional treatment approaches. For those looking for a natural solution or even as a preventative measure, a high quality CBD may provide the results. Many

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Tabrez Sheriff, Matthew J. Lin, Danielle Dubin & Hooman Khorasani (2019) The potential role of cannabinoids in dermatology, Journal of Dermatological Treatment, DOI: 10.1080/09546634.2019.1675854


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